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Seattle Sobriety Test Lawyer

When drivers are contacted by the police and asked to perform a field sobriety test, they often feel pressured — if not intimidated — into performing the test and feel that they have no choice but to do so. This is definitely not the case in Washington.

If you are asked to perform a field sobriety or roadside test "to see if you are safe to drive," the police officer should notify you of your right to refuse field sobriety testing. Asking you to perform a "voluntary" roadside test is not enough.

Whenever you are charged with a DUI, mistakes made by the investigating police officers may allow you to challenge the field sobriety testing, the blood draw, breath test, or even the traffic stop, which could potentially lead, with the help of your defense attorney, to a reduced or dismissed charge.

A Seattle Attorney Who Will Work Toward Having DUI Charges Reduced or Dropped

Having an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer working to protect your rights is the best way to increase the chances that your charges will be reduced or dropped. At the law office of Charles H. Williams, Attorney and Counselor at Law, P.S., we provide quality criminal defense to people living in and around Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett and Olympia, Washington. A tried and true professional, attorney Charles Williams will use his investigative, negotiation and investigative skills to work toward positive resolution of your case.

To speak with a Seattle sobriety test attorney, contact the firm online or by calling 206-707-8524 or 800-854-3458.

Among the specific reasons that field sobriety tests may challenged is that a driver's ability to perform the test can be influenced by his or her medical condition, obesity, age and any physical disabilities.

Certain field sobriety tests are inadmissible as evidence in Washington's courts under the Frye standard, because they do not meet scientific standards. These include the finger-to-nose test, backward counting, reciting the ABC's and finger counting. At present, no acceptance in the relevant scientific community that these tests can accurately measure impairment caused by alcohol consumption.

Call Today to Speak With a DUI Defense Lawyer

If you are facing DUI charges, a Tacoma DUI field sobriety test attorney can help to increase the chances that the charges are reduced or dropped altogether. At the law office of Charles H. Williams, we provide effective legal defense as we work to protect your rights.

To speak with an attorney contact our firm online or call 206-707-8524 or 800-854-3458.

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