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Charles H. Williams,
Attorney and Counselor
at Law, P.S.
707 South Snoqualmie
Suite 4A
Seattle, WA 98108

Toll free:800-854-3458
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Seattle DUI Appeals Lawyer

At the law offices of Charles H. Williams, Attorney and Counselor at Law, P.S., we provide effective criminal defense in a variety of traffic cases, including DUI/DWI, physical control, hit and run, reckless driving, vehicular assault, driving with a suspended or revoked license, etc.

We help residents of Seattle, Washington, as well as people living in and around Tacoma, Bellevue, Olympia and Everett, who are facing criminal charges.

To speak with a lawyer contact our firm online or by calling 206-707-8524 or 800-854-3458.

Other Services

We assist individuals in:

Probation violations

  • Failure to show up for check-ins with probation officer
  • Failure to participate in an alcohol, drug or other type of required program
  • Driving without a license, liability insurance and/or ignition interlock device
  • Commission of a new crime
  • Other failures to comply


  • Department of licensing administrative appeals
  • Appeals from criminal convictions in superior, district and municipal courts


  • Deletion of data and sealing of records
  • Vacation of misdemeanor and felony convictions
  • Restoration of citizen's rights and driving privileges

If you live in Washington and need assistance to prosecute your appeal, expunge a conviction from your record, or defend a probation violation, the law office of Charles H. Williams can help. We provide exceptional legal representation at an affordable cost, because we keep our overhead low and the focus of our practice sharp.

To speak with a Seattle DUI appeals attorney contact our firm online or by calling 206-707-8524 or 800-854-3458.

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