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A DUI conviction can affect future employment opportunities

The process of hiring a new Seattle school superintendent brings up an important issue in regards to DUI arrests. One of the final three candidates being considered for the job was arrested for drunken driving 12 years ago. Fortunately, the school board president says he doesn't consider the incident an obstacle to hiring her. Still, Seattle residents should be aware that a DUI charge on your record can follow you for years.

DUI penalties can include required jail time, steep fines, loss of driver's license, and other inconvenient conditions. One of the harshest consequences is the affect a DUI can have on potential future work opportunities. Employers may be less likely to hire someone with a DUI conviction, and some employers won't even consider an individual with a DUI conviction.

In the case of the candidate for the superintendent position, she said she was stopped by the Colorado State Patrol in February 2000 and was charged with speeding and driving under the influence. Before agreeing to take a sobriety test, she became angry and demanded to be released saying she was "an important person."

The woman later pleaded guilty of a reduced charge of driving while impaired. She completed 24 hours of required community service and attended a 12-month alcohol-awareness program. Looking back, she calls the incident a, "regrettable mistake in my history, a dramatic and traumatic learning experience for me, and an event that has never been repeated."

In this case, it doesn't appear that the incident will keep her from obtaining the job she wants. For others who face such charges, it would be wise to contact an experienced attorney who will work to reduce or eliminate charges. You never know how a DUI charge on your record could affect your future.

Source: The Seattle Times, "Drunken-driving arrest isn't seen as obstacle for superintendent finalist Sandra Husk," Jack Broom and Brian M. Rosenthal, April 19, 2012

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