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May 2012 Archives

As boating season kicks off, avoid accidents and BUI charges

We all know what fun it can be to celebrate the summer months with friends and family. Many Washington residents are getting geared up for all things summer. For many people this includes boating. If you plan to be out on the water this summer and think you may be imbibing in an alcoholic beverage or two, it's important to remember that drunk driving charges aren't limited to those driving a car.

Fatal hit-and-run may result in vehicular homicide charges

A recent Washington crash is still being investigated to determine exactly what took place. The driver responsible for the accident may be charged with vehicular homicide. Police say that the hit-and-run accident happened when a car crossed over the line into the other lane and collided with a van. Two people who had been riding in the van were treated for minor injuries.

Prison time cut in half for Washington DUI conviction

The consequences of a DUI can be harsh. Depending on your criminal history and level of intoxication you could be looking at driver's license suspension, fines and jail time. A 58-year-old Washington man pleaded guilty in court on Tuesday to felony DUI. The man got a deal that cut his prison time almost in half.

Inaccurate blood alcohol devices result in wrongful convictions

A DUI conviction in Washington can result in penalties including steep fines, loss of driver's license, jail time, and other conditions. In addition, a DUI can result in a permanent criminal record that could affect future job opportunities and more. A blood alcohol test is a critical element in these cases. Many people assume that law enforcement always accurately tests blood alcohol levels. According to mistakes made in recent cases, blood alcohol tests are not always accurate.

Not all DUI charges lead to open and shut cases

Quite often when people are pulled over and charged with drunk driving they don't realize that they can fight the charges against them. Many Washington residents think that a blood alcohol test and an arrest by law enforcement results in a closed case. This is not always true. Many aspects of a blood test, Breathalyzer, a field sobriety test, and even the reason for being pulled over can be brought into question.

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