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June 2012 Archives

Washington's stricter drunk driving penalties in effect

Earlier this year, the Washington state Legislature enacted tougher penalties for people convicted drunk driving offenses. Under the new law, the penalties for vehicular homicide are treated the same as those for manslaughter.

What not to do if you're pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving

On an ordinary afternoon in Chicago recently, a driver was pulled over by the police. Initially, police say, they became suspicious because the driver appeared to be speeding when he passed the police station. When they gave chase, the driver is said to have nearly hit a police car before he was pulled over. Upon questioning, the officers report, they observed an open liquor bottle in the car and concluded that the driver was driving drunk.

Should the NFL increase penalties for DUI arrests?

Earlier this week, we wrote about the likelihood of professional athletes to be arrested and convicted on drunk driving charges. In the past few weeks, there has been a seeming influx of athletes being arrested for and charged with DUI/DWI, with three players arrested for driving drunk in the span of nine days. As a result, the perceived connection between professional athletes and drunk driving is now a major point of discussion in Seattle and throughout the country.

Are you more likely to get arrested for DUI than a pro athlete?

It seems like every time you turn on ESPN or open the newspaper up to the sports page, there is another story about a professional athlete who has run into trouble with law enforcement. One of the most common headlines seems to be over drunk driving charges. But how common are those charges?

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