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October 2012 Archives

Washington State woman charged with DUI after crash

In Seattle and elsewhere, drunken driving is severely punished. For many people, being charged with DUI can mean being subjected to serious penalties, including jail time, the suspension of an individual's driver's license and even difficulty finding future employment. A Washington State woman may have to endure these challenges after police say her drunk driving led to a recent car accident.

Man faces DUI charges after allegedly hitting police, 3 cars

When a person is pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, there can be significant long-term consequences. A Seattle resident who ends up being convicted of DUI charges faces penalties that include possible jail or prison time, significant fines and having their driver's license suspended. A local man may be facing these consequences after Seattle police say he caused injuries while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police enact Target Zero campaign against drunk driving

As the holiday season approaches, drivers throughout Washington can expect police to be on the lookout for drunk driving. College students, in particular, may want to take special care not to drink and drive while heading home from school, since authorities have already made it clear that a crackdown is on the horizon.

DUI charge for Seattle man after head-on crash with state trooper

A 26-year-old Seattle man recently hit a Washington State Trooper's car head-on while driving the wrong way on State Route 520. The trooper was not hurt in the accident, but the driver is now facing drunk driving charges.

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