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Police enact Target Zero campaign against drunk driving

As the holiday season approaches, drivers throughout Washington can expect police to be on the lookout for drunk driving. College students, in particular, may want to take special care not to drink and drive while heading home from school, since authorities have already made it clear that a crackdown is on the horizon.

Police at Washington State University are teaming up with members of the Washington State Patrol for the Get Hammered, Get Nailed campaign. Authorities say the goal of the campaign is to reduce the number of DUI fatalities this year to zero. Drive Hammered, Get Nailed is part of a statewide effort, known as Target Zero, which will include extra DUI patrols throughout Washington.

The holiday season is a prime time for police to arrest drunk drivers, but the scope of the Target Zero campaign extends to St. Patrick's Day and other peak times of the year for DUI arrests.

Drivers in the Seattle area would be wise to take into account the increased police presence on the road. Still, just because people are accused of DUI doesn't mean they shouldn't fight the charges. Police officers make mistakes, and when they do, a strong DUI defense should make use of that fact and protect the rights of the accused.

It may also be necessary to negotiate with prosecutors to have the charges reduced or penalties mitigated. For students who have been accused of drunk driving, the college the student attends may have its own policies that could have negative effects on the student's academic career or reputation. To protect against these consequences and more, Washington residents who have been accused of DUI should seek proper legal counsel.

Source: The Daily Evergreen, "Drunk driving campaign hits home," Jessica Ganje, Oct. 4, 2012

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