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November 2012 Archives

Bobby Brown's driver's license suspended after 2nd DUI

With the holidays upon us, there has been a greater emphasis on police patrols looking for drunk drivers in Seattle and elsewhere. A person who has been convicted of drunk driving faces significant penalties, and the potential consequences increase if the person has been convicted of multiple drunk driving charges. A famous singer is now facing drunk driving penalties after suspicions of drunk driving, which is the second suspected DUI this year for the singer.

Who is liable in a vehicular homicide incident?

Vehicular homicide is a serious criminal offense and it carries heavy consequences in Seattle and elsewhere. While a person convicted of vehicular homicide likely faces relatively short-term penalties, a person convicted of this offense likely also faces lifelong challenges. The reputation of the convicted may be tarnished, making it difficult to find a job or a place to live. Recently, the family of a Washington state man killed by a person driving under the influence of alcohol decided to seek damages from a bar that served a man convicted of causing death while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Pilot arrested for DUI and theft charge near Seattle airport

Will I have to pay a fine if I am convicted of a DUI? Will I have to serve jail time? How will this affect my future job search? People living in Seattle and elsewhere who have been charged with drunk driving may ask these and many other similar questions. Recently, a pilot was arrested on DUI charges after allegedly attempting to steal a car by the Seattle airport.

Seattle residents should be aware of the DUI provision in I-502

It's official (or mostly). Washington voters have decided to legalize recreational marijuana use by approving Initiative 502, but a legal battle with the federal government still looms. Perhaps what is most interesting from a DUI perspective is that the approved measure, for the first time in Washington state, sets a limit for THC impairment.

Man arrested for suspicion of drunk driving after crash

Depending on the circumstances of a case, there are different ways to challenge a driving while intoxicated breath or blood alcohol test in Seattle. In some cases, alcohol may not even be involved in the car accident. Recently, a man was arrested after police suspected he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

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