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Pilot arrested for DUI and theft charge near Seattle airport

Will I have to pay a fine if I am convicted of a DUI? Will I have to serve jail time? How will this affect my future job search? People living in Seattle and elsewhere who have been charged with drunk driving may ask these and many other similar questions. Recently, a pilot was arrested on DUI charges after allegedly attempting to steal a car by the Seattle airport.

Police say that a pilot got into the back seat of a rental car driven by another man. When the man asked what the pilot was doing, the pilot responded, "You know, you know." According to police reports, the man pointed a gun at the pilot and told the pilot to get out; the men struggled. Police say the man got out and the pilot got into the driver's seat of the rental car and drove off. According to police, the pilot was later found and arrested for suspicions of a DUI and car theft.

In Seattle, an individual who has a blood or breath alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more within a two hour driving time is considered a per se under the influence. If the test sample was taken after the two hour driving time period, a prosecutor may not use the evidence against the defendant in trial. However, it is still possible for the prosecutor to use the sample as evidence that the driver was affected by alcohol. It is important to remember that in Seattle, it is not considered a defense to a DUI if an individual was using a drug prescribed by a doctor that impaired them while driving.

In Seattle, drunk driving charges are not taken lightly, and penalties associated with a DUI conviction may drastically change a defendant's life. All defendants of a DUI charge deserve a fair trial with all their constitutional guarantees.

Source: FoxNews.com, "Okla. pilot accused of stealing car near Seattle airport; arrested on theft, DUI allegations," Nov. 6, 2012

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