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December 2012 Archives

Two Seattle residents arrested for DUI after hit-and-run

"What happens if I refuse to take the breath test when a police officer pulls me over for drunk driving? Can I challenge the blood alcohol test results of my test?" Individuals who face drunk driving charges often ask these kinds of questions. Recently, two individuals may be asking these questions after they were arrested for suspicion of drunk driving.

Ignition interlock system: a heavy DUI penalty

In Seattle, a drunk driving conviction carries significant penalties that can change a person's life forever. One of these penalties includes an ignition interlock system, which could cost a defendant more than a thousand dollars simply to install. Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended the use of an ignition interlock system for defendants convicted of drunk driving.

Man with 6 prior DUI offenses charged in 7tharrest

What are the penalties associated with having more than one drunk driving offenses? Will I have to pay a fine? Will I be going to jail or prison for this offense? Residents of Seattle facing multiple DUIs may ask these questions and many others. A man who was recently charged with his alleged 7th drunk driving offense may be asking these questions as well.

Seattle police increase DUI patrols over holidays

For most people, the holiday season means delicious food and drinks shared with friends and family. For Seattle police, the holiday season means increased drunk driving patrols and more DUI charges.

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