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January 2013 Archives

Washington council member arrested for DUI

A few drinks can lead to consequences that affect not only a person's reputation within the community, but also their career opportunities. A drunk driving conviction in Seattle could have lasting consequences that go beyond the initial fine and installation of an ignition lock in the individual's car. Recently, a Washington man may face these consequences after a drunk driving arrest.

Should police be required to get a search warrant for a BAC test?

Being pulled over for drunk driving may have many Seattle residents wondering what their rights are. May they reject a blood alcohol test? What are the consequences if they can reject a test? What penalties may an individual face if they are found to be over the alcohol legal limit? Recently, the Supreme Court was faced with questions stemming from blood alcohol tests in drunk driving cases.

Nearly 800 King County residents arrested for DUI in Washington

In Washington, drunk driving is taken seriously as drunk drivers are considered the foremost cause of traffic related injuries and deaths. A defendant who is facing a drunk driving charge may experience severe consequences and may have difficulty finding future employment once convicted. Recently, many Washington residents may face serious consequences after being charged with drunk driving.

Cameras required on ignition interlock system in Seattle

In Seattle, a drunk driving conviction is severely punished and carries stiff penalties. One of these penalties includes the installation of an ignition interlock system for one year if the conviction is the defendant's first DUI offense. The length of time the ignition interlock system is in a defendant's car increases with the number of DUI offenses a defendant has. Recently, Seattle law enforcement has decided to add a camera to the ignition interlock system.

Seattle man arrested after alleged hit and run

Every day, auto accidents occur that change the lives of those involved. This is especially true when the incident leads to allegations of hit and run. A defendant facing charges related to hit and run faces challenges both legally and socially, as a conviction could harm a defendant's reputation in the community. A 27-year-old driver in Seattle is now up against such charges.

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