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March 2013 Archives

Study shows many teens are driving while under the influence

The legal drinking age in Washington State is 21 years old. Yet, a recent trend shows more and more teens are driving while under the influence. The problem appears to be especially troublesome in Sammamish, about 20 minutes outside of Seattle.

WA football star faces DUI penalties after arrest

In Seattle, a drunk driving arrest can result in a driver's license revocation or the required installation of an interlock system. However, a drunk driving conviction could mean more than these DUI penalties; it could change a person's life forever. For one football player, in addition to these legal penalties, a drunk driving conviction could mean disciplinary action from his team and the university he attends.

Washington police arrest woman for DUI twice within 8 hours

Flashing lights, getting pulled over and being asked by a police officer to get out of the car are not the only concerns a defendant accused of drunk driving may have. If a defendant is convicted of a DUI charge, he or she may face penalties that could change their lives forever. Recently, Washington State police say a woman was arrested for drunk driving twice in eight hours.

Washington man faces DUI charge after car accident

What types of penalties do I face if I am convicted of a DUI? What if I have been involved in a car accident in which others were injured and I had a BAC level that was greater than the state limit? What penalties do I face if I have been charged with vehicular assault or vehicular homicide? A Washington man may be asking these and other similar questions after recently being involved in a car accident and faces DUI charges.

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