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April 2013 Archives

Washington lawmakers considering tougher DUI penalties

All individuals, including those who live in Seattle, Washington, want to keep their roads safe. This is why states including Washington have adopted stringent DUI penalties for drunk driving offenses. A first time DUI conviction could mean a hefty fine and having a defendant's driver's license suspended or revoked. However, are these severe laws the best way to prevent drunk driving?

College football star faces penalties after DUI

A drunk driving conviction may have negative consequences that could affect a defendant's future. Many of us are familiar with DUI penalties such as possible fines and jail or prison time, but loss of employment or trouble finding employment may also be negative consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Recently, a star college football player was handed a DUI charge and some stiff potential penalties.

Police say Seattle man killed 2, injured 2 in car accident

Being accused of a drunk driving offense may negatively affect individual's reputation. Penalties related to a DUI accident, such as vehicular homicide, could include life in prison, hefty fines and a permanent criminal record. Recently, a Seattle man has been accused of drunk driving resulting in the death of two individuals and serious injuries of another two individuals.

Are ignition interlock systems effective as a DUI penalty?

Being convicted of drunk driving may mean more than having to pay a fine or spend a few nights in jail. Another penalty of a DUI charge may be the installation of an ignition interlock system and a loss of license. Recently, a vehicular homicide has led many in Seattle to consider whether ignition interlock systems are beneficial as DUI penalties.

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