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May 2013 Archives

Washington woman held in Montana for DUI charges on $50,000 bail

Drunk driving is a serious crime, especially if a person is far from home when he or she is charged. A woman from Washington won’t be able to go home for awhile. She recently was arrested for drunk driving in Montana and must now stay in the state while she faces DUI charges.

WA state man charged with vehicular homicide

Those charged with causing a fatal car accident after drinking face extremely serious consequences. Prosecutors pursue these cases aggressively and an equally aggressive defense is needed if the defendant hopes to get an acquittal or reduction of the charges. Recently, a man has been charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and reckless endangerment after allegedly drinking and driving.

Police seek DUI crackdown after tragic wrecks

A recent string of unfortunate car accidents across Seattle has police officials calling for more resources to prevent drunk driving accidents and adequately enforce the laws when people are convicted of DUI. The fallout comes after a tragic wreck when a man with a history of DUI killed several pedestrians outside a suburban school in the middle of the day.

17-year-old faces vehicular homicide charge in Seattle

With the Washington state legislature considering tougher penalties for drunk driving offenses, many in Seattle may be wondering whether these penalties will actually prevent drunk driving. These questions may be even more apparent after a teenager was charged with vehicular homicide after he allegedly drove under the influence of alcohol.

News reporter accused of driving under the influence

Being charged with a drunk driving offense, in Seattle or elsewhere, may affect any individual's reputation. However, a DUI charge may be especially harmful for a celebrity's image. The media often plays up the penalties a defendant may face. Recently, a sports announcer was arrested for suspicions of driving under the influence.

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