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News reporter accused of driving under the influence

Being charged with a drunk driving offense, in Seattle or elsewhere, may affect any individual's reputation. However, a DUI charge may be especially harmful for a celebrity's image. The media often plays up the penalties a defendant may face. Recently, a sports announcer was arrested for suspicions of driving under the influence.

. According to police, well-known sports reporter Al Michaels was recently pulled over after officers saw the man make an illegal U-turn. According to reports, the police that witnessed the man make the illegal turn were located at a DUI checkpoint. Police say that the man was taken to the police station where his blood alcohol level was above the state's legal limit. The man was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving and later released.

While DUI checkpoints are not used in Washington, police may choose to stop a person they observe driving unusually or performing an unexpected maneuver, such as a U-turn, to avoid contact with authorities. However, these stops must be based upon reasonable suspicion of a violation or crime and police must have probable cause to detain anyone suspected of a DUI. Depending on the circumstances of a particular traffic stop, there may be several challenges a DUI defendant may have in a particular case. One defense, for example, may be that the police officer did not have reasonable suspicion when pulling over the defendant.

The penalties a person faces after being convicted of drunk driving charges affects most individuals, including famous people. It is important that a defendant accused of a DUI considers a strategic defense plan that may reduce the penalties the defendant faces.

Source: The Seattle Times, "NBC's Michaels arrested alleged DUI in Calif.," April 21, 2013

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