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King County tightens noose on DUI-related incidents for two weeks

King County, as well as the other districts in the state of Washington, are preparing for a two-week campaign to increase patrols to curb drunk driving accidents. The campaign coincides with what law enforcement dubbed "the 100 Deadliest Days" -- the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which have the most DUI-related accidents.

According to a King County officer, 30 percent of traffic deaths occur between the two holidays. Additionally, over the last six years, 961 people have died in Western Washington alone. The police hope that the emphasis on patrols will have a positive impact on what is considered one of the biggest problems in the state.

This recent development, while laudable for the decision to curb DUI-related tragedies, may also have a negative effect on motorists. This may put undue strain on motorists, resulting in questionable arrests and DUI penalties, such as drivers' license suspensions. While it may seem like a slap on the wrist, a suspension or loss of license can be bothersome, because the person may have difficulty getting to work and engaging in family activities.

A motorist facing a driver's license revocation or suspension also has to allot a significant amount of time to appearing in court, pay large fines and face the possibility of jail time or the installation of an interlock ignition device. This can be very stressful and more importantly, if convicted, a motorist may ruin his or her reputation because of the criminal record.

In King County, as well as in Seattle in general, motorists who are accused of DUI-related charges should build a defense in order to face the charges effectively and to preserve their rights. The accused person should keep in mind that he or she has the constitutional right to obtain a legal representative to assist in the defense and scrutinize if an error was made in the case. If the legal representative is able to prove that an error has been committed, the person's charges may be reduced or dropped.

Source: My North West "Washington Stepping up DUI patrols for '100 Deadliest Days'," Josh Kerns, June 19, 2013

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