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Football player cited for driving under the influence, speeding

Another football player was flagged down by an official-not a referee this time, but a police officer. Kasen Williams, the Washington Huskies' talented wide receiver, became the second football player this year to be stopped for driving under the influence.

Seattle residents may recall that football player Austin Seferian-Jenkins was arrested on driving under the influence charges last spring and will face a pre-trial hearing this month. Williams, on the other hand, will not be charged with a DUI. However, he will be cited for operating a motor vehicle under the age of 21 after the consumption of alcohol or marijuana and speeding, as he clocked 45 mph in a 30 mph area.

In Washington State, people under the age of 21 are not allowed to consume any amount of alcohol and then operate a vehicle. However, it was reported that Williams was cooperative and admitted to the arresting officer that he had one drink. He was also amenable to a breath test that yielded 0.056 and 0.056 results, respectively, which is under the state's legal blood alcohol content limit for driving of 0.08. The football player paid a $695.50 fine and received a 24-month sentence that will be deferred. He also will be placed on two years of probation.

As evidenced in the Williams' case, even if a person is cooperative and has a BAC under the legal limit, there can still be consequences, as here, where the person is a minor. Seattle and King County residents facing DUI charges can face severe penalties, possible installation of an ignition interlock device and possible jail time. But the most troubling consequence is that those facing DUI charges may be ostracized by the community and face penalties related to their jobs and schooling, or in this case, their sports activities.

Individuals facing charges need to build a strong defense in order to protect themselves from the DUI allegations. A strong defense can be instrumental in helping clear charges and repairing the accused person's reputation.

Source: Nwcn.com "Huskies WR Williams arrested for misdemeanor," July 9, 2013

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