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Seattle man facing DUI vehicular assault charges after collision

DUI-related vehicular assault convictions can result in license suspension, expensive fines, prison time and a permanent criminal record. For this reason, Seattle and King County, Washington, residents facing vehicular assault charges should promptly seek the best legal solution for their situation, especially if they already have a prior conviction.

This is a possible option for a 56-year-old man facing charges after colliding with a bicyclist. The preliminary investigation states that the man was driving his pickup truck in Westlake Avenue's south lane. A bicyclist was heading north when the truck turned left in front of the bike. Unable to adjust in time, the female bicyclist smashed into the truck. The force caused her to be thrown from her bike and one of her thumbs to be partially severed. The cyclist was transported to nearby Harborview Medical Center.

Police evaluated the man, allegedly found signs of impairment and proceeded to draw blood. Officers also determined that he had a prior DUI conviction. The driver was then arrested and held at the King County Jail. An investigation regarding details of the accident is ongoing.

Seattle and King County residents facing charges should have a sense of urgency for their case. Residents with prior convictions may find that authorities are more wary of their actions. Nonetheless, they do have the right to defend their case and not be discriminated against because of previous mistakes.

Immediately establishing a defense is crucial when trying to lessen or fight for dismissal of charges. Among the points that could be analyzed is the legality of a blood draw and whether it was administered correctly, veracity of sobriety and breath tests, and, in vehicular accidents, whether a driver had the right-of-way.

Source: Komo News, "Police: Suspected drunk driver arrested after colliding with bicyclist" July 20, 2013

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