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Seattle woman faces possible felonies after high-speed chase

For Seattle and King County drivers, being pulled over can be nerve-wracking. Drivers may feel threatened, intimidated and panicked. This can lead to making questionable decisions that the driver might eventually regret. Nevertheless, it's not too late to make the necessary amends to salvage one's reputation.

A Seattle woman is now facing this predicament as she is on the cusp of facing felony charges after allegedly driving under the influence. Shortly after midnight on July 11, King County deputies spotted the woman's vehicle swerving on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. She was eventually pulled over and asked if she would take a field sobriety test voluntarily. The 41-year-old woman declined and drove off.

The deputies pursued her vehicle. Speeds reached up to 110 mph on northbound Interstate 5. Her vehicle was eventually trapped by patrol cars after exiting the highway and slamming into a barrier. However, she resisted arrest and the police proceeded to stun her with a Taser. The woman was taken to a medical center and is now facing a possible felony pending investigation.

Sometimes, when facing an uncompromising position people panic and make the wrong decisions. This could lead to more legal complications. That's why it's best to immediately seek the guidance of a legal representative. A felony DUI conviction carries stiff consequences. An individual could potentially face thousands of dollars in fines, license suspension, possible prison time and installation of an ignition interlock system. Besides the penalties, having a criminal record may be most troubling. Individuals might be subjected to unnecessary discrimination in the community and at work.

Seattle and King County residents facing such charges should exercise immediate action in preparing for their defense. The wisdom of a legal representative may help address the best possible options available. Acting immediately may make all the difference in preparing a persuasive defense to lessen the charges or even having the case dismissed altogether.

Source: Komo News "Woman arrested after 110-mph pursuit up I-5 ends in crash" July 11, 2013

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