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August 2013 Archives

Driver under investigation for vehicular assault in DUI accident

Drunk driving can lead to serious consequences. A driver's license suspension, jail time and fines are some of the most common penalties upon conviction. However, a driver causing substantial bodily harm while driving under the influence will be treated differently than a person who has allegedly committed a simple drunk driving offense, which is usually considered a misdemeanor.

Driver's license revocation: potential consequence of DUI

Washington State imposes tough drunk driving laws. DUI penalties, such as a driver's license revocation, were made to curb drunk driving accidents that often result in serious injuries or fatalities. Traffic stops, as well as random checkpoints, are conducted to catch potential drunk drivers. In some cases, the authorities weigh drunk driving heavily in motor vehicle accidents.

Woman faces DUI charges after her BAC level allegedly hits 0.14

Blood alcohol tests are performed to determine if a person is intoxicated. DUI charges are sure to follow once the results of a blood alcohol tests show that the driver was driving above the threshold of 0.08 blood alcohol content.

Seattle man faces DUI charges, $1 million bail

A Seattle, Washington, resident with a prior conviction can be subjected to undue discrimination. With the state's strict drunk driving laws, a resident can face overwhelming consequences that, in some instances, can be considered unjustifiable. For this reason, a resident facing DUI charges will need a solid defense.

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