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Seattle man faces DUI charges, $1 million bail

A Seattle, Washington, resident with a prior conviction can be subjected to undue discrimination. With the state's strict drunk driving laws, a resident can face overwhelming consequences that, in some instances, can be considered unjustifiable. For this reason, a resident facing DUI charges will need a solid defense.

This may be what a 43-year-old man needs after vehicular charges were pressed. Police reports stated that the man's pickup truck ran a red light at Kenyon and Delridge and hit a sports utility vehicle. The man had someone riding in the back of his pickup truck that was ejected due to the crash, and died at the scene. However, he was not identified in either the court or police documents. Also, the police report noted that the man neither had a recollection of the accident nor the incident that lead up to the crash.

The man had previous run-ins with the law. He has had two prior DUI-related convictions, been convicted of failing to use an ignition interlock device and reckless and negligent driving. The drunk driving accident resulted in the man's bail being set at $1 million. He is currently in police custody.

For Seattle residents, facing charges is challenging, especially if the person has previous convictions. An additional conviction can greatly harm, not only the person's employment opportunities, but his or her overall standing in society.

Nonetheless, it is important that individuals facing charges try not to be discouraged. The person should keep in mind that he or she is still considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Seeking guidance from a DUI legal professional can help make a significant difference in proving the person's innocence. Being properly represented may help people who are facing charges to examine the evidence thoroughly, examine witness accounts and pay close attention to police reports, which may be crucial in challenging charges and potentially getting the charges dismissed or reduced.

Source: KIRO-TV, "Man with history of DUI's suspected in West Seattle drunken driving crash," Amy Clancy, July 29, 2013.

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