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October 2013 Archives

Computers may eventually eliminate DUIs

Self-driving cars may put a lot of lawyers and judges out a job,simply because the computers driving those cars do not drink or run red lights. Plus, computers have far quicker reflexes than humans. If those benefits come to pass, self-driving cars would significantly curtail felony DUIs, and with it, the need for judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys to litigate those charges.

Woman being investigated for vehicular homicide

Everyday Washingtonians enjoy the company of their family and friends. Sometimes that enjoyment is accompanied by a drink or two. Normally, that is fine. But on occasion some people will have more than they should. When that happens, and a person chooses to drive home, the risk of an accident, and, with it, vehicular homicide goes up.

Lamar Odom refused to take a blood or breath test

Seattle readers who keep up with the NBA or the Kardashians likely know about the most recent legal difficulties for Lamar Odom, the NBA player who is married to one of the Kardashian sisters. That legal trouble involves DUI charges.

Woman faces DUI charges following back-to-back arrests

In Washington, a first-time charge of driving under the influence may result in only a misdemeanor charge if there has been no crash, injuries or death. Charges will escalate to felony DUI, however, if an alleged drunken driver crashes or causes bodily harm or if the driver has been convicted of prior offenses. Felony DUI charges mean that the accused, if convicted, will be subject to stiff fines and possible jail or prison time.

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