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Driver may face DUI charges after knocking out local power

Like other states, Washington has its share of drunk driving accidents, and the Seattle area likely sees them every day.

The far-reaching effects of just one drunk driver were recently shown when an unidentified driver struck a light pole during a heavy rainstorm. The accident at the intersection of Des Moines Memorial Drive and 17th Avenue in Burien knocked out power to 3,000 residents. The driver is likely to face drunken-driving charges as a result.

In a typical case, investigators conduct one or more field sobriety tests before moving on to a blood alcohol test if they are convinced that they need to determine whether a driver is intoxicated and show that evidence later in court. Bloodshot eyes and slurred speech are not sufficient evidence alone to prove that a driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol following a crash. Only results from valid tests can be used at trial against an alleged drunk driver.

Washington State does not tolerate dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving and imposes stiff fines and penalties to those convicted on DUI charges. Because of this, anyone charged with a drunk driving offense should seek competent DUI counsel to contest the charges pressed in court.

To effectively rebut DUI and related charges, a suspected drunk driver will need to accurately detail what happened during the arrest, as well as how the tests were conducted by law enforcement authorities. From there, with the help of a legal professional, the alleged drunk driver can formulate a defense that best challenges or neutralizes the state's case against him or her.

In Seattle and throughout King County, suspected drunk drivers may proceed with handling the case themselves or with the help of knowledgeable legal professionals who can navigate the legal system and provide representation if the case goes to court.

Source: KIRO TV, "Several major accidents overnight on rain soaked roadways," Sept. 28, 2013

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