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Lamar Odom refused to take a blood or breath test

Seattle readers who keep up with the NBA or the Kardashians likely know about the most recent legal difficulties for Lamar Odom, the NBA player who is married to one of the Kardashian sisters. That legal trouble involves DUI charges.

According to reports, the DUI charges stem from an August arrest following serpentine driving at a high rate of speed. That irregular driving prompted police to pull Odom over. During that stop, police claim Odom showed signs of intoxication. They then asked Odom to perform field sobriety tests, but, according to authorities, he could not perform them. As a result, police arrested Odom on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Following the arrest, police took Odom to a police station. Once there, they attempted to conduct a breathalyzer test, but Odom refused to take the breath test. He also refused a blood test. That refusal triggered automatic legal penalties, including a one-year suspension of his license.

The case is now winding its way through the legal system.

Fortunately for Odom and Washingtonians who find themselves on the stormy side of a DUI charge, the legal system offers many opportunities to defend oneself. For instance, a competent criminal defense has many avenues for attacking a DUI charge starting with the stop itself, which may have violated the constitution or police procedures, and extending to the blood draw or breath test, which can be inaccurate for a variety of reasons.

Given the defenses available to those facing DUI charges, Washingtonians may benefit from discussing their cases with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Those conversations could have a significant impact on the ultimate results of the cases.

Source: Yardbarker, "Lamar Odom pleads not guilty on DUI charges," Oct. 10, 2013

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