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Woman being investigated for vehicular homicide

Everyday Washingtonians enjoy the company of their family and friends. Sometimes that enjoyment is accompanied by a drink or two. Normally, that is fine. But on occasion some people will have more than they should. When that happens, and a person chooses to drive home, the risk of an accident, and, with it, vehicular homicide goes up.

Take, for instance, a recent accident that killed one and injured another. The accident took place when a SUV and car were driving beside each other down a stretch of road, the SUV in the inside lane, the car in the outside lane. The cars collided, according to the driver of the SUV, because the car cut off the SUV, thus forcing the SUV off the road. The collision totaled the car and sent the SUV into a utility pole.

Following the collision, the driver and another occupant of the SUV fled. Two other occupants of the SUV remained and were taken to a hospital for treatment. One of those occupants ultimately died from a skull fracture.

Later, however, the driver of the SUV returned to the scene, where she admitted drinking and was then sent to the hospital for further observation. She is currently incarcerated under investigation for felony hit-and-run and vehicular homicide.

Unlike the driver of the SUV, who ultimately came back, the occupants of the car permanently fled the scene. Police still are tracking down their identities.

This fatal accident highlights the risks involved in drinking and driving. But it only tells one side of the costs. The other side is the legal ramifications such as serious fines, revoked licenses and incarceration. Those are potential penalties faced by the driver of the SUV, even though it is not clear at this point whether she was at fault.

Source: seattlepi.com, "Woman involved in fatal Seattle collision returned to scene by mother," Lynsi Burton, Oct. 21, 2013

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