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November 2013 Archives

Washington man facing DUI charges after driving golf cart

When many Washingtonians think about drinking and driving, they typically visualize someone driving in the usual car, truck or SUV. But the state of Washington takes a much broader view. Just ask a Washington man who was recently on DUI charges after driving a golf cart.

Sheriff deputy's daughter may face drunk driving charge

In Washington and elsewhere, parents do their best to instill good decision-making in their child. But sometimes a parent's best intentions cannot prevent their children from learning the hard way. That may be the case for a King County Sheriff's deputy whose daughter recently may have been involved in a drunk driving accident.

DUI charges dismissed against former ABC news anchor

Just because authorities charge a Washingtonian with a DUI does not mean the person is guilty. Take, for instance, Sam Donaldson, the veteran ABC news anchor and co-host, who was driving after having a glass or two of win last December. Police stopped the 79-year-old for a traffic violation. Following the stop, police concluded Donaldson had been drinking. They then put Donaldson through a series of field sobriety tests, before charging him with drunk driving.

Lawmaker's proposal would increase drunk driving penalties

A Washington state representative wants to reduce drunk driving. In order to help do that, the representative wants to do two things: push for tougher drunk driving laws and keep better track of repeat drunk drivers. If successful, the representative's ideas could result in more drunk driving charges and harsher penalties for those who are convicted.

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