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Washington man facing DUI charges after driving golf cart

When many Washingtonians think about drinking and driving, they typically visualize someone driving in the usual car, truck or SUV. But the state of Washington takes a much broader view. Just ask a Washington man who was recently on DUI charges after driving a golf cart.

The man, according to reports, had a drink or two with friends during dinner. Then he started to drive home in his friend's golf cart. He chose to use his friend's golf cart rather than his car because he thought it was the right thing to do. That is the same reason the man avoided traffic, including a few short cuts through parking lots.

But a local officer noticed the golf cart, which did not have lights. The officer chased the man down, allegedly screaming at the man while doing so.

Following the stop, authorities gave the man two breathalyzers. In the first, the man had a .112 blood alcohol level. In the second, he had a .120 BAC.

If convicted of the charge, the man's case would mark the third time his city would have convicted someone for a DUI on a golf cart.

The charges may come as a surprise to many locals, but under Washington law, a person can be charged for DUI while operating a whole host of vehicles, including not only golf carts, but also riding lawn mowers.

Fortunately, while the law is broadly applied there are also a variety of defenses an experienced criminal defense attorney can employ to defend Washingtonians accused of drinking and driving. For example, if a police officer failed to follow proper procedure or violated the constitution during the arrest, evidence obtained in the process may be found inadmissible. Likewise, in many cases the breath test or blood draw can be challenged on various grounds.

Washingtonians facing a DUI charge may benefit from talking with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: khou.com, "Washington state man fights golf cart DUI charge," Nov. 25, 2013

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