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December 2013 Archives

Washington increases police patrols over the holidays

Washington motorists may have noticed a bigger police presence on the roads recently. The beefed-up patrols should come as no surprise for experienced motorists because police forces across the state traditionally expand their patrolling during the holiday season. Indeed, this year marks the 23rd anniversary of a campaign called the "Night of 1,000 Stars." Under the campaign, law enforcement statewide cracks down on drunk driving.

Washington man involved in head-on accident accused of DUI

In Washington and elsewhere, when drivers get in their vehicle, they take for granted they will reach their destination safe and sound. They think so because they have reached their destination unscathed countless times before. But driving is an inherently risky activity, one that requires careful driving by all involved.

Over 260 drivers arrested for driving under the influence

The holiday season is in full swing. That means family get-togethers and holiday parties. With those festivities comes alcohol. When enjoyed responsibly, these festivities are fun. However, police will be on the lookout for those who allegedly drive under the influence.

Woman facing DUI charge receives half-million-dollar bail

During the holiday season, parties are in full swing and many Washingtonians like to enjoy a drink or two with family and friends. There is nothing wrong with celebrating but sometimes a drink or two can lead to a few more and so on. When that happens, party-goers who choose to drive may find themselves on the unhappy side of a felony DUI charge.

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