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Washington man involved in head-on accident accused of DUI

In Washington and elsewhere, when drivers get in their vehicle, they take for granted they will reach their destination safe and sound. They think so because they have reached their destination unscathed countless times before. But driving is an inherently risky activity, one that requires careful driving by all involved.

Take, for instance, a recent accident on Highway 305. One car was driving northbound in its lane when it allegedly sideswiped a box van in the southbound lane and then veered across the center line and collided head-on with a second car.

The driver of the second car, a man in his mid-twenties, was airlifted to a hospital, operated on and then placed in intensive care. He currently is in serious condition.

Meanwhile, the driver of the car that allegedly sideswiped the box van before careening into oncoming traffic, a man in his early-thirties, also went to the hospital. Afterward, authorities booked the man on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and set a $30,000 bail.

But while things may look grim for the man suspected of causing this alleged DUI accident, getting charged with a crime does not mean the charges will turn into a conviction. That is good news for Washingtonians accused of causing a serious or even fatal accident.

Nonetheless, while Washingtonians are innocent until proven guilty, that does not mean individuals charged with a crime should fight the charges alone, trusting that the legal system will do right by them. A conviction is likely to result in big fines, a suspended driver's license and, depending on the circumstances, jail time. Instead, Washingtonians may want to discuss their case with a DUI attorney. That discussion could have a dramatic effect on the how the case turns out.

Source: Kingston Community News, "DUI suspected in Highway 305 crash; man in serious condition," Dec. 16, 2013

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