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Woman facing DUI charge receives half-million-dollar bail

During the holiday season, parties are in full swing and many Washingtonians like to enjoy a drink or two with family and friends. There is nothing wrong with celebrating but sometimes a drink or two can lead to a few more and so on. When that happens, party-goers who choose to drive may find themselves on the unhappy side of a felony DUI charge.

Recently, a Washington woman accused of drunk driving along I-5 near Smokey Point. According to allegations, the woman was driving as fast as 90 mph before losing control. The out-of-control car headed off the road, into a sign and then a culvert, before rolling.

While the car was out of control, a passenger was reportedly thrown from the car. The passenger ultimately succumbed to her injuries a few hours later.

Meanwhile, the driver of the car, the passenger's older sister, allegedly fled the scene. Police claim the woman hid in a nearby bush and then fell asleep. When she woke, officials claim the woman used a phone at a nearby restaurant. While there, she reportedly explained her injuries to workers by telling them her boyfriend had beaten her up.

Police then took her to a hospital and considered her a victim of domestic violence.

Only weeks later did authorities begin to suspect the woman. They now claim she had as many as six beers before the crash and have charged her with vehicular homicide and involvement in a hit-and-run death. She also has a hearing scheduled regarding deportation.

But while the reports sound bleak, it is important to remember to not jump to conclusions and assume guilt. Fortunately, Washingtonians do not have to face DUI charges alone. Defendants can enlist the aid of an experienced criminal defense attorney. That aid can make all the difference for drivers who need help defending themselves against the charges.

Source: Weekly Herald, "Woman accused of DUI death in jail on $500,000 bail," Scott North, Dec. 2, 2013

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