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February 2014 Archives

Suspected drunk driver hits Seattle police cruiser

For most residents of Washington, seeing a police car tends to make them drive more carefully. They drive slower, pay more attention and keep extra space between them and the car in front of them. Apparently, that is not true of everyone. For example, one driver recently rear-ended a Seattle police cruiser.

Washington driver blows stop sign, totals car

Many Washingtonians take driving for granted. They wake up, drive to work and then come home, safe and sound. The amount of time people spend in cars can deceive them into thinking that cars are risk-free. However, even something as seemingly innocuous as stopping at a stop sign can result in vehicular assault or homicide.

House felony DUI bill dies in committee, Senate bill continues

Readers of this blog know that the state legislature has considered several DUI bills this session. One recently died in the state House of Representatives, but another continues to make progress in the Senate.

Washington woman falls asleep at the wheel

Many Washingtonians periodically enjoy a social drink or two with friend. This behavior is most oftentimes harmless, but when a drink or two turns into more, sometimes many more, bad things can happen, especially when the drinker decides to drive. The consequences could include getting in an accident or facing a drunk driving charge.

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