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Washington man facing fifth DUI charge

It is not uncommon for a driver to get pulled over once or twice in their lifetime. For some, they can get by with just a warning, but some drivers are not so fortunate. If an officer suspects that a driver is under the influence, the diver could face a traffic ticket, fines and even criminal penalties.

The Washington State Patrol reportedly arrested a man for what would be his fifth DUI violation. He is being charged with felony DUI. The arrest took place after a late-night traffic stop on Silverdale Way in the vicinity of Northwest Byron Street.

The man allegedly weaved in and out of two lanes. When police pulled the man over, police claim the driver was shaking and had blood shot eyes. The driver also reportedly had a difficult time finding his registration.

Following these signs, police asked the man to step out of his truck and he complied. Police then conducted several roadside sobriety tests. Police claim the man had a hard time following the sobriety-test instructions and also had a problem maintaining his balance.

After the stop, police took the man into custody. He was then taken to a hospital for a blood draw. There is no word yet on the results of the blood draw. The man's bail was posted at $75,000. If convicted of felony DUI, the man could spend as much as five years in prison. He could also be fined up to $10,000.

Though the situation looks dim, Washingtonians should keep in mind that the man is innocent until proven guilty. At this point, additional evidence has not been reported. The driver should make a strong defense in order to reduce or drop the charges against them. This could result if evidence is suppressed. This is accomplished if a blood alcohol test was not properly conducted or there was an unlawful arrest.

Any driver facing a drunk driving charge should understand they are entitled to a defense. Seeking guidance could assist them with a defense strategy. This will also ensure that their rights are protected and their interests are preserved.

Source: Bainbridge Island Review, "Bainbridge man arrested for felony DUI," Brian Kelly, Mar. 24, 2014

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