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Driver's License Suspension or Revocation Archives

DUI conviction can lead to a driver's license suspension

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited in Washington and across the nation. A driver facing DUI charges may be subject to stiff penalties upon conviction. This serves as a lesson to deter impaired drivers. A person accused of DUI, however, has the right to contest all allegations, to a defense and to prevent life-altering consequences such as driver's license revocation, weighty fines or jail time.

Driver's license revocation: potential consequence of DUI

Washington State imposes tough drunk driving laws. DUI penalties, such as a driver's license revocation, were made to curb drunk driving accidents that often result in serious injuries or fatalities. Traffic stops, as well as random checkpoints, are conducted to catch potential drunk drivers. In some cases, the authorities weigh drunk driving heavily in motor vehicle accidents.

King County tightens noose on DUI-related incidents for two weeks

King County, as well as the other districts in the state of Washington, are preparing for a two-week campaign to increase patrols to curb drunk driving accidents. The campaign coincides with what law enforcement dubbed "the 100 Deadliest Days" -- the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which have the most DUI-related accidents.

Can new bill advocating ignition interlock system curb DUIs?

In Washington State, there are an estimated 20,000 residents using an ignition interlock system in their vehicles. A considerable number are residents who have been required by law to use the alcohol-sensing device after a previous conviction for driving under the influence. However, a new bill has been recently introduced to boost enforcement of the device. Some are asking, though, if the move truly keeps the road safe or if it keeps the device's manufacturers profitable.

Washington lawmakers considering tougher DUI penalties

All individuals, including those who live in Seattle, Washington, want to keep their roads safe. This is why states including Washington have adopted stringent DUI penalties for drunk driving offenses. A first time DUI conviction could mean a hefty fine and having a defendant's driver's license suspended or revoked. However, are these severe laws the best way to prevent drunk driving?

Are ignition interlock systems effective as a DUI penalty?

Being convicted of drunk driving may mean more than having to pay a fine or spend a few nights in jail. Another penalty of a DUI charge may be the installation of an ignition interlock system and a loss of license. Recently, a vehicular homicide has led many in Seattle to consider whether ignition interlock systems are beneficial as DUI penalties.

WA football star faces DUI penalties after arrest

In Seattle, a drunk driving arrest can result in a driver's license revocation or the required installation of an interlock system. However, a drunk driving conviction could mean more than these DUI penalties; it could change a person's life forever. For one football player, in addition to these legal penalties, a drunk driving conviction could mean disciplinary action from his team and the university he attends.

Cameras required on ignition interlock system in Seattle

In Seattle, a drunk driving conviction is severely punished and carries stiff penalties. One of these penalties includes the installation of an ignition interlock system for one year if the conviction is the defendant's first DUI offense. The length of time the ignition interlock system is in a defendant's car increases with the number of DUI offenses a defendant has. Recently, Seattle law enforcement has decided to add a camera to the ignition interlock system.

Ignition interlock system: a heavy DUI penalty

In Seattle, a drunk driving conviction carries significant penalties that can change a person's life forever. One of these penalties includes an ignition interlock system, which could cost a defendant more than a thousand dollars simply to install. Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended the use of an ignition interlock system for defendants convicted of drunk driving.

Bobby Brown's driver's license suspended after 2nd DUI

With the holidays upon us, there has been a greater emphasis on police patrols looking for drunk drivers in Seattle and elsewhere. A person who has been convicted of drunk driving faces significant penalties, and the potential consequences increase if the person has been convicted of multiple drunk driving charges. A famous singer is now facing drunk driving penalties after suspicions of drunk driving, which is the second suspected DUI this year for the singer.

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