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Vehicular Assault or Homicide Archives

Washington driver blows stop sign, totals car

Many Washingtonians take driving for granted. They wake up, drive to work and then come home, safe and sound. The amount of time people spend in cars can deceive them into thinking that cars are risk-free. However, even something as seemingly innocuous as stopping at a stop sign can result in vehicular assault or homicide.

Woman crosses lanes, faces felony vehicular assault charges

When Washingtonians get in the car, they take for granted that they will make it to their destination safely. But that belief assumes the drivers whom they share the road with will cooperate. That cooperation is not guaranteed.

Washington man involved in head-on accident accused of DUI

In Washington and elsewhere, when drivers get in their vehicle, they take for granted they will reach their destination safe and sound. They think so because they have reached their destination unscathed countless times before. But driving is an inherently risky activity, one that requires careful driving by all involved.

Woman being investigated for vehicular homicide

Everyday Washingtonians enjoy the company of their family and friends. Sometimes that enjoyment is accompanied by a drink or two. Normally, that is fine. But on occasion some people will have more than they should. When that happens, and a person chooses to drive home, the risk of an accident, and, with it, vehicular homicide goes up.

Vehicular homicide charges await Bellevue, Washington, driver

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in Washington and across the country. Impaired driving has long been associated with collisions, which often result in serious injuries and fatalities. A driver accused of vehicular assault or homicide is subject to steep fines, harsh penalties and life-altering consequences. The case will be charged as a felony, which means that the person under suspicion will need a strong defense strategy in order to prove his or her innocence in court.

Driver under investigation for vehicular assault in DUI accident

Drunk driving can lead to serious consequences. A driver's license suspension, jail time and fines are some of the most common penalties upon conviction. However, a driver causing substantial bodily harm while driving under the influence will be treated differently than a person who has allegedly committed a simple drunk driving offense, which is usually considered a misdemeanor.

Seattle man facing DUI vehicular assault charges after collision

DUI-related vehicular assault convictions can result in license suspension, expensive fines, prison time and a permanent criminal record. For this reason, Seattle and King County, Washington, residents facing vehicular assault charges should promptly seek the best legal solution for their situation, especially if they already have a prior conviction.

DUI-related crash results in vehicular assault in Seattle

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most common violations in Seattle, as well as in the rest of the United States. While a first offense may yield minimal penalties, an accident causing substantial physical harm to other people is often considered a vehicular assault and can have much more severe penalties.

WA state man charged with vehicular homicide

Those charged with causing a fatal car accident after drinking face extremely serious consequences. Prosecutors pursue these cases aggressively and an equally aggressive defense is needed if the defendant hopes to get an acquittal or reduction of the charges. Recently, a man has been charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and reckless endangerment after allegedly drinking and driving.

17-year-old faces vehicular homicide charge in Seattle

With the Washington state legislature considering tougher penalties for drunk driving offenses, many in Seattle may be wondering whether these penalties will actually prevent drunk driving. These questions may be even more apparent after a teenager was charged with vehicular homicide after he allegedly drove under the influence of alcohol.

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